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About Ocean City Maryland Timeshare


Ocean City Maryland Timeshare is a timeshare sales & consulting company specializing in the liquidation of timeshare foreclosures and vacation consulting. We are a certified RCI Global Points Broker and an RCI Points specialist. We offer Ocean City, MD vacation ownerships at 75-80% below developer and market prices. Our staff is available to answer all of your vacation ownership questions without any of the 'high pressure' sales pitches potential owners endure when taking timeshare tours. 


What is Timesharing



Timesharing, also known as Vacation Ownership, is the total alternative to owning a vacation home because you only own it for the time out of the year that you actually go on vacation. You have the pleasure of enjoying your own vacation home without the cost or stress of upkeep and maintenance, and at a fraction of the regular ownership cost. As an owner, you get to stay in villas, houses, chalets, condominiums, cruises, yachts, and more instead of your basic hotel room for a lot less money.




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