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About RCI Global Points


RCI is the world's oldest & largest timeshare exchange company, with over 4,300 affiliated resorts around the globe. The RCI Points program gives you an extensive range of planning choices. Members have the flexibility of choosing how and when they would like to vacation and for how long, whether it's a weekend, a full week or up to a month. 


As an RCI subscribing member, you have access to a world of vacation opportunities. Exchange points for shorter stays, save and borrow points over multiple years, and even exchange a portion of your points for discounts on airfare, rental cars & more. Take advantage of our Extra Vacations getaways, cash vacations with no deposit necessary, often for less than the cost of a hotel, starting as low as $244 per week. RCI Points members also enjoy hotel discounts, cruise vacations and the ability to share the world of Extra Vacations with friends and family. 


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